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Grand Island Computer Repair, Laptop Repair, PC Tuneups, Virus Removal, PC Data Backup & Recovery

WNY Computer Repair in Grand Island, NY

Computer Repair, Virus Removal, Tune-Up & Upgrade

Thorough PC Tuneup, Virus Removal, Software Optimization, Updates & Scheduled Tasks Configuration, Registry & File System Repair, Boot and Crash Issues, Notebook Keyboard & Display Replacement, Desktop Power Supply Installation, Data Backup Software Installation and Configuration. (Tasks Duration: Approximately 24 hours after drop-off)  Your PC Will Operate Better Than New!

$85-$125.00  (Typical Desktop or Laptop Repair)
Prices may vary depending on the degree of file corruption)

Complete Computer Restoration

Ultra Secure Hard Drive Erase and Formating, Operating System Software Installation, Updates, Configuration/Optimization & Testing, Data Backup Restoration & Physical PC Cleaning.  (Includes Initial Resolution Attempt, Tasks Above).  (Completion: Approximately 48 hours after drop-off) 


All Other IT Support Services, Contractual Work (Not MSP), Including Emergency Data Recovery

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Computer Repair Shop Grand Island, NY
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We Always Place Quality First!
Our HIPAA Compliant Computer Repair Services are Always 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. 
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This residential computer repair shop is located at
71 Trails End, Grand Island, NY 14072
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Most PC Repairs are Only $85 Per Computer!

The Typical Turnaround Time is 24 Hours!