WNY Computer Repair is a licensed residential computer repair business.  We provide in-home computer repair services to people who are disabled or handicapped in any way that prevents them from leaving their home, out of the kindness of our hearts.  Otherwise, all computer repairs are completed at my home address indicated on the home page of this website. 

We also enjoy internet marketing for promoting our own info products and software, as well as affiliate marketing to promote the info products and software of other internet marketers in exchange for a commission.  We only promote products that we use ourselves and those that we feel will be a tremendous asset to the organizations of others.  We make no promises or guarantees any of the results generated from using any of our products or the products of others, since it is common sense that the results are determined by each individual and how they use the products to their advantage or how they fail to use the products and software to their full advantage.  We will do our best to explain the details of each product we promote but it is still up to each individual who purchases the product to carefully research, examine, and learn how to use the products correctly. 

Although WNY Computer Repair is listed on the internet as a home-based-business, it is more of a hobby than anything else.  We get very few customers since we are not advertising the business, maybe 3 or 4 per year.  The business was established primarily to help family and friends, as a way of saying "sure, I'll fix your computer, but you're going to pay me for my time".  Even though the website may appear to be a full-fledged computer repair business, it is not.  It is a front, to make it appear as though I am working, when I am not.  I have not worked since 2009, nor do I intend to work at anytime in the future.  There are no laws that say a person cannot own a website to make it look like they own a business, even though I paid $25 to register the name "WNY Computer Repair" with New York State.  I would not work for this Satanic 666 beast system even if you paid me millions.  

WNY Computer Repair in Grand Island, NY

We Always Place Quality First. Our IT Support Services are Always 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.  This Residential Business is Currently Located at:
Serving in the IT Industry Since 1984
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